90 Woodside Petroleum Ltd|Annual Report 2018
Human Resources & Compensation Committee
The Committee assists the Board to determine appropriate remuneration policies and structures for NEDs and executives.
Further information on the role of the Committee is described in section 3.4 of the Corporate Governance Statement, available on
Woodside's website.
Use of remuneration consultants
The Committee directly engages independent external advisers to provide input to the process of reviewing NEDs and executive
remuneration. The Committee may receive executive remuneration advice directly from external independent remuneration
consultants. Table 10 below shows the fees payable to independent external remuneration consultants during 2018.
Under communications and engagement protocols adopted by the company, the market data reports were provided directly to
the Committee Chair, and the consultants provided a statement to the Committee that the reports had been prepared free of undue
influence from
KMP. The Committee had full oversight of the review process and therefore it, and the Board, were satisfied
that the work undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers was free from undue influence by
Table 10 – Fees paid to remuneration consultants
Remuneration consultant Services provided Fees
Remuneration benchmarking and modelling for the EIS A$184,609 (ex GST)
Remuneration benchmarking for the 2018 NED fee review A$15,000 (ex GST)
Remuneration benchmarking for the 2018 CEO remuneration review A$25,500 (ex GST)
PricewaterhouseCoopers provided other services to Woodside including provision of taxation advice and general financial and
business consulting which resulted in a total of A$3,967,077 fees paid by Woodside.
Reporting notes
Reporting in United States dollars
In this report, the remuneration and benefits reported have been presented in US dollars, unless otherwise stated. This is consistent
with the functional and presentation currency of the company.
Compensation for Australian-based employees and all
KMP is paid in Australian dollars and, for reporting purposes,
converted to US dollars based on the applicable exchange rate at the date of payment. Valuation of equity awards is converted at the
spot rate applying when the equity award is granted.