Woodside Petroleum Ltd|  Remuneration Report 85
Table 5 – Individual KPIs for 2018 EIS
Executive KMP Key performance indicators 2018 performance
Michael Abbott
Senior Vice President
Corporate and Legal
Stakeholder engagement; continuous disclosure
compliance; Code of Conduct and anti-bribery
and corruption training; deliver Woodside
headquarters project
Successful legal and corporate aairs support for core business and growth
activities; corporate reputation plan succesfully executed; new Woodside
headquarters delivered under budget and on schedule with smooth startup;
managed robust market disclosure practices with no continuous disclosure
breaches; training enhanced and delivered to plan.
Sherry Duhe
Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial
Corporate operating expense; balance sheet
strength; credit rating; commercial; contracting and
funding support for growth projects
Corporate operating expenditure below budget; successful conclusion
of Scarborough equity acquisition; successful execution of funding plan,
including equity raising, to support growth; eective commercial and
contracting support for Burrup Hub strategy including negotiations to
process Browse gas at KGP and contract awards for Scarborough, Senegal
and Pluto Train 2 FEED.
Robert Edwardes
Executive Vice President
Portfolio development; capital expenditure; cost
and schedule; portfolio cost competitiveness;
Development HSE
GWF 2 project delivered under budget and ahead of schedule; Greater
Enfield, Pluto Expansion, Scarborough, Senegal and Browse developments
progressed on or ahead of plan; capital expenditure (excluding
Scarborough acquisition) below budget; Scarborough, Senegal and Browse
cost of supply in line with targets; Development Division TRIR did not
achieve target.
Shaun Gregory
Executive Vice President
Exploration and Chief
Technology Ocer
Project development; exploration value delivery; data
analytics capability; technology delivery
Successfully moved Scarborough and Pluto Expansion into FEED activities
and Browse into concept definition stage; review and redirection of
exploration focus; two Myanmar gas discoveries; technology initiatives
delivered; enhanced data analytics capability; identification of opportunities
to enhance resilience to a lower emissions future.
Reinhardt Matisons
Executive Vice President
Marketing, Trading and
LNG, oil and domestic gas sales; trading
performance; fleet utilisation; progress integrated
energy solutions
LNG marketing strategies developed for growth projects; grew domestic
gas sales portfolio including long-term agreement with Perdaman for
pipeline gas; trading performance and fleet utilisation exceeded targets;
joint venture agreement for domestic LNG fuel distribution in the Pilbara.
Meg O’Neill
Executive Vice President
and Chief Operations
Production, operating expense; unit production costs;
Operations HSE performance
Production above target; operating expenditure below budget; unit
production costs better than target; instrumental in mid-year turnaround
in company’s personal safety performance; Operations Division TRIR
better than target; emissions reductions better than target; successful
commissioning of Pluto pipeline gas facility.
Executive KMP actual remuneration1
1. This represents an average of all executive KMPs actual and variable remuneration for 2018.
2018 vestings
Executive KMP Shares
2015 WEP Equity Rights vested on 1 October 2018 including an adjustment due to the Retail Entitlement Oer Mr Abbott 2,323
Mr Gregory 2,323
Mr Matisons 2,323
2014 deferred short-term award vested on 20 February 2018 Mr Abbott 4,287
Mr Edwardes 9,717
Mr Gregory 5,198
Mr Loader 7,445
Mr Matisons 5,324
Mr Utsler 12,228
2013 long-term award had a partial vesting of 65% on 5 March 2018 including an adjustment due to the
Retail Entitlement Oer
Mr Abbott 4,431
Mr Edwardes 12,988
Mr Gregory 6,566
Mr Loader 4,947
Mr Matisons 6,807
Mr Utsler 1,100
2012 long-term award had a partial vesting of 14% on 5 March 2018 including an adjustment due to the
Retail Entitlement Oer
Mr Abbott 613
Mr Edwardes 1,115
Mr Gregory 434
Mr Matisons 950