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In 2018, Woodside recorded its second best ever safety performance through strong leadership and
enhanced collaboration with our contractor workforce. We continue to strive for every day to be a
‘Perfect HSE Day’, with no injuries and no incidents.
Safety culture survey
A mature and positive safety culture strongly correlates with
improved, sustainable safety performance. Measuring safety
culture is considered best practice by leading industries.
In 2018, we conducted a company-wide safety culture
survey to understand the health and safety perspectives
of our workforce and compare our safety culture maturity
to other industries. We received a strong response to the
survey, allowing us to identify our strengths and areas for
improvement. External benchmarking of this data highlighted
that the safety culture performance of our Operations and
Developments divisions exceeded the industry average.
Safer Together WA/NT launch
Woodside led the formation of a new industry body, Safer
Together Western Australia/Northern Territory, modelled
on the success of Safer Together Queensland. We hosted
the first conference in September 2018. Over 60 contractor
and operator members shared leadership lessons to improve
industry health and safety performance.
Contractor safety forum
Woodside facilitated a safety performance workshop in
collaboration with key contractors to generate strategies for
stopping injuries. Over 70 ideas and five prototype solutions
were developed. These were shared with joint industry
working groups, including the Safer Together WA/NT Forum.
We look forward to a continuing partnership in delivering safe
outcomes for our industry.
Process safety
Integrity of our assets and excellence in project design are critical
in preventing loss of containment events. We strengthened our
process safety competency and culture through delivering a
structured training program across the organisation for over
1,800 employees and contractors.
We had one Tier 1 loss of primary containment process safety
event (LOPC PSE) and one Tier 2 LOPC PSE in 2018. The Tier 1
event involved the release of crude oil product in a pump room,
with no injuries sustained and no release to the environment.
Best in class innovation
Woodside won the global IChemE Safety Centre Process Safety
Award in November 2018 for the ‘Watson for HSEQ’ project
in recognition of this innovative approach to process safety,
improved risk assessment and hazard identification. Watson for
HSEQ allows users to examine more than 700,000 historical data
records within minutes, enabling data-driven decision making.
APPEA Safety Excellence Award
In May 2018, Woodside was awarded the 2017 Australian
Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Safety
Excellence Award, which acknowledged our smart safety
systems, strong focus on process and assurance management,
and the use of data analytics to enhance decisions and
minimise risk.
Tier 1 and 2 process
safety events (PSEs)
Events (#)
Tier 1 Tier 2
Injuries (#)
Lost time injuries (LTI) and
Lost time injury frequency (LTIF)
Injuries per million work hours
TRIR per million work hours
2014 2014 20142013 2013 20132015 2015 20152016 2016 20162017 2017 20172018 2018 2018
Total recordable injury
rate (TRIR) performance
1.71 1.64
1.29 1.32
0.43 0.43