Woodside Petroleum Ltd|  Sustainability 53
From September 2018 we transitioned to our new
headquarters in Perth at Mia Yellagonga. This project has
been guided by a desire to foster innovation, collaboration
and acceleration in line with Woodside Compass values.
In designing the campus, we targeted sustainable
construction and design that would minimise waste and
pollutants and prioritise long-term energy eciency.
The facility has received a rating of 6 Green Stars, the
highest rating awarded by the Green Building Council
Australia. Energy use in the building is monitored to ensure
it continues to meet stringent eciency targets.
The advanced wellbeing features and a variety of workspace
choices, enabled by cutting edge technology, ensure the new
precinct sets the scene for optimal performance.
From the use of biometrics, backed by global best practice
processes, to creating a culturally sensitive environment,
each feature has been carefully considered to help enable a
new way of working.
Utilisation of new collaboration tools is enabling eective
communication and ecient decision making, which is
important as we execute our growth strategy.
Stakeholder engagement and managing impacts
We are committed to understanding and managing actual
and potential impacts from our activities.
In 2018, we continued regular engagement with our host
communities through community group meetings in Karratha
and Exmouth.
We conducted social impact assessments in 2018 for our
proposed activities in Myanmar and Senegal. Both included
significant consultations with local communities.
Late in 2018, we commenced social impact assessments for our
Burrup Hub projects. We also reinforced our commitment to
the Karratha community by announcing that we will transition
our operations workforce to a predominantly residential model
over the long term.
Social contribution
We build and maintain partnerships that allow us to engage in
real conversations with the local community. We have aligned
our social contribution approach across four focus areas:
education and early-childhood development; environment;
technology and innovation; and arts, culture and community.
Woodside has an active role to play in contributing to the well-being of our communities and creating a
more sustainable future.