Woodside Petroleum Ltd|  Developments 47
Woodside assumed the role of operator of the RSSD joint
venture in December 2018, following approval from the Minister
of Petroleum and Energies. On 17 December 2018, Woodside
announced the commencement of FEED activities following the
award of the subsea FEED contract.
The development’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
(ESIA) Report was approved by the Ministry of the Environment
and Sustainable Development on 2 January 2019. The ESIA is
a comprehensive study of potential environmental and social
impacts and benefits which may arise from the development.
In preparing the ESIA, significant stakeholder engagement was
undertaken in the Dakar, Thies and Fatick coastal regions of
Senegal to understand local concerns, issues and expectations.
The RSSD joint venture is proposing to undertake a 3D
marine seismic survey in Q2 2019, subject to government
and regulatory approvals. It is expected that the 3D marine
seismic survey will improve reservoir definition supporting
well positioning and optimisation.
he RSSD joint venture submitted a request to the Ministry in
January 2019 for an extension of the FAN and SNE-North-Spica
exploration area to undertake further evaluation works.
In 2019, we will work with the Ministry of Petroleum and
Energies, Petrosen and SENELEC, the national electricity
company of Senegal, to collectively pursue an opportunity
to export pipeline gas to shore.
The RSSD joint venture maintained its social investment
program in 2018, which included English language training for
key stakeholders and a mobilisation project with seven fishing
communities in Yenne. The fishing community mobilisation
project, led by The Hunger Project, is addressing health and
safety education, environmental management and sustainable
fishing practices. These programs are in addition to Woodside’s
corporate investment in early childhood education in Dakar with
Save the Children through the Woodside Development Fund.
Woodside also worked with government environment ocials
in Senegal to develop a broader understanding of the oil and gas
industry by hosting a week-long workshop in June 2018.
Refer to the Sustainable Development Report 2018
for more information on our social investment outcomes.
FID is targeted for mid-2019. The development is a key
component of Woodside’s growth strategy to be delivered
in Horizon II.
Woodside interest: 35%
ESIA validation meeting with State and regional Government representatives
2018 FID
2019 First oil