Woodside Petroleum Ltd|  Developments 41
Development of the Burrup Hub will extend the life of
Woodside infrastructure, enabling growth and delivering
sustainable value for our shareholders, governments, partners
and the communities in which we operate. It will unlock third-
party resources, providing owners with the ability to process
their gas for sale to domestic and export markets. Initially the
Burrup Hub will involve the development of some 20 to 25 Tcf
of gross (100%) dry gas resources. This will position Australia
to take advantage of the expected global LNG supply gap
from the early 2020s, providing long-term energy security.
Significant employment and contracting opportunities will be
generated as these projects are progressed.
Pluto-NWS Interconnector
The Pluto-NWS Interconnector is a pipeline connecting Pluto
LNG with KGP, including metering equipment, to allow the
transfer of gas between the two facilities.
A referral for primary environmental approval associated with
the Interconnector was submitted to the WA Environmental
Protection Authority and the Commonwealth Department of
Energy and Environment in Q4 2018.
A supporting application associated with Woodside’s
Pluto LNG facility was lodged with the Western Australian
Environmental Protection Authority in December 2018.
Woodside intends to lodge a similar application in Q1 2019
for the Interconnector tie-in to KGP.
Subject to joint venture, regulatory and other approvals,
the Interconnector provides a pathway for development of
unallocated resources in the Carnarvon and Greater Exmouth
basins. Woodside is targeting FID in 2019 and RFSU in 2021.
NWS Project Extension
Central to the Burrup Hub vision is the transition of KGP into
a third-party tolling facility as the NWS Project resources reach
end of field life.
In November 2018, the NWS Project participants signed non-
binding preliminary agreements with the Browse Joint Venture
and Chevron, the leaseholder of the Clio-Acme fields, for the
processing of their respective oshore gas resources through
the NWS facilities. Long-term processing of third-party gas,
such as the Browse resources, at KGP will extend the life of the
facility for decades.
A proposal to use existing State onshore and oshore
infrastructure to enable the long-term processing of third-
party gas at KGP was referred by the NWS Project to the
Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority and
the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy
in November 2018.
The NWS Project on the Burrup Peninsula