40 Woodside Petroleum Ltd|Annual Report 2018
Pluto LNG Train 2
+Construction of Pluto LNG
Train 2, with capacity of
approximately 5 Mtpa
LNG trucking
Pluto domestic gas
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Pluto LNG NWS Project
Future development of the Jupiter and
Thebe fields and other gas resources
We are developing an integrated, regional LNG production centre on the Burrup Peninsula utilising our
proven LNG facilities. The Burrup Hub will provide a long-term solution for processing gas resources to
supply domestic and export markets for decades to come.
To realise the Burrup Hub vision we are advancing several projects that unlock new gas resources and prepare the onshore
facilities for processing these resources. The projects include Scarborough, Browse to NWS Project, Pluto LNG Train 2, NWS
Project Extension and the Pluto-NWS Interconnector. Together, these projects will maximise the ecient use of existing assets.
+Refurbishment to extend the
life of the NWS Project facilities
for processing third-party gas
+Targeting extension of the facility
life by 30+ years
NWS Project Extension
+Construction of a pipeline
connecting Pluto LNG and KGP
Pluto-NWS Interconnector
+Development of 7.3 Tcf (100%, 2C) from
the Scarborough resource
+Semi-submersible floating production unit
and trunkline to Pluto LNG with an oshore
capacity of 7.5 Mtpa (LNG and domestic gas)
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Browse to NWS Project
+Development of 13.9 Tcf of dry gas and
390 MMbbl of condensate (100%, 2C) from
the Browse resources
+Two FPSO facilities processing gas and
condensate, and a trunkline to the NWS
Project with an oshore capacity of 11.4 Mtpa
(LNG/LPG and domestic gas)
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