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Greater Enfield
The Greater Enfield Project is on track for first oil in mid-2019,
starting a new chapter in Woodside’s established oil operations
o North West Cape, Western Australia.
The project involves development of the Laverda Canyon,
Norton over Laverda and Cimatti oil accumulations by a 31 km
subsea tie-back to the Ngujima-Yin FPSO, located over the
Vincent oil field.
Woodside’s share of the 2P reserves targeted for development is
41 MMboe (69 MMboe 100% project) from the oil
and is initially estimated to increase production by more than
24,000 bbl/d (40,000 bbl/d 100% project).
At the end of 2018 the project was 83% complete, and remains
on budget and on schedule for first oil in mid-2019.
The Ngujima-Yin FPSO suspended operations as planned on
1 May 2018 and transited to the Keppel shipyard in Singapore
to commence maintenance and modification activities.
The FPSO dry-dock work program was completed in Q4 2018.
Final modifications and maintenance activities will be carried
out quayside, before the FPSO returns to location in mid-2019.
Subsea pipelay and drilling campaigns were conducted
throughout 2018, with installation of the 31 km flowline
system and subsea infrastructure substantially complete
in December 2018. Development well drilling continued
throughout Q4 2018, and at the year end, eight of the project’s
12 development wells had been drilled and completed.
Woodside interest: 60%
Ngujima-Yin FPSO at Keppel shipyard in Singapore
Greater Western Flank Phase 2
The Greater Western Flank Phase 2 Project (GWF-2) represents
the next phase in gas supply to KGP.
GWF-2 commenced production in October 2018, $630 million
under budget (100% project) and six months ahead of schedule.
The project involved the tie-back of eight subsea production
wells by a 35 km subsea pipeline from six oshore fields (Keast,
Dockrell, Sculptor, Rankin, Lady Nora and Pemberton) to the
existing Goodwyn A platform.
GWF-2 was driven throughout by a commitment to
innovation and cost discipline. Excellent overall performance
and close collaboration with contractors enabled the project
to consolidate a two-phase well completion campaign into
a single scope, accelerating the key work packages while
reducing project risks.
Gas from the GWF-2 fields adds approximately 1.6 Tcf
to existing North West Shelf reserves (100% basis).
Woodside interest: 16.67%