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Loading facilities at Pluto LNG
In addition to the Perdaman GSPA, Woodside entered into
three binding GSPAs for a total quantity of approximately
80 PJ, with duration of between four and ten years,
commencing between Q4 2018 and mid-2020.
Wheatstone domestic gas production in early 2019 will increase
our equity pipeline gas capacity by 26 TJ/d to approximately
150 TJ/d.
LNG trading and optimisation
We perform LNG trading and portfolio optimisation
activities across our integrated shipping, operations,
marketing, and trading teams. Our trading oce was
established in 2013 in Singapore, a major hub for LNG sales
and trading. Our optimisation activities ensure the reliable
delivery of LNG cargoes and enable us to maximise the value
of our LNG portfolio.
We maintain an LNG shipping fleet of five LNG vessels under
long-term contracts. Access to our own shipping allows us to
create value, protects us against fluctuations in the shipping
market, and allows us to deliver third-party cargoes through
sub-chartering activities.
The net benefit realised from our trading and optimisation
activities in 2018 was approximately $21 million.
Promoting LNG as a low-emissions
and cost-effective fuel
The Pluto LNG truck loading facility in Western Australia,
which commenced construction in 2018, will be operational
in early 2019 to provide LNG for distribution by truck to
the Pilbara, Kimberley and Gascoyne regions of Western
Australia. In addition to providing LNG for remote power
generation, we are working with mining companies and
equipment manufacturers on the use of LNG as a heavy
transport fuel for mining operations.
We are a strong advocate for use of LNG as a marine fuel.
In 2018, LNG represented more than 90% of the fuel used in
our shipping fleet.
In 2018, Woodside participated in joint industry projects to
assess the feasibility for LNG to be used as a fuel for bulk carriers
transporting iron ore from the Pilbara. In 2019, we will undertake
activities to support FID on an LNG bunkering vessel to supply
this market.
We are also evaluating opportunities to be involved further
along the value chain to facilitate additional demand for our gas
in the international market. This may include LNG regasification
and power generation.