Woodside Petroleum Ltd|  Base Business 33
+Completed our third consecutive drilling campaign in
Myanmar in line with schedule and budget, with two
further gas discoveries
+Discovered gas volumes at the high-end of pre-drill
estimates in the Shwe Yee Htun-2 appraisal well
in Myanmar
Exploration activities in 2018 were focused on
drilling prospects across our captured interests to
test prospectivity in emerging basins and support
Horizon III value and resource growth.
The Ferrand-1 exploration well in Block WA-404-P was drilled
between April and June 2018. Wireline logging and additional
tests confirmed intersection of a 69 m gross gas column.
In 2019, we plan to drill the Achernar exploration well in Block
WA-28-P, targeting gas in an early Jurassic North Rankin bed
reservoir, in proximity to existing gas discoveries at North Rankin
and Lambert Deep.
In 2018, we undertook our third successive drilling campaign in
Myanmar, which was completed within schedule and budget.
The campaign discovered gas in two exploration wells and
successfully appraised the 2016 Shwe Yee Htun-1 discovery.
The Shwe Yee Htun-2 appraisal well in Block A-6 was drilled
approximately 10 km west of the Shwe Yee Htun-1 discovery well.
Wireline logging and pressure measurements indicate that the
reservoir is highly likely to be in pressure communication with the
Shwe Yee Htun-1 discovery. The well results, combined with the
successful 2017 exploration/appraisal well at Pyi Thit-1, increased
discovered volumes within Block A-6 to a level that supports
consideration of concept selection in the near term, subject to
other factors including joint venture approval.
Woodside made the Aung Siddhi-1 gas discovery in Block AD-1,
intersecting gas in two primary targets. The discovery is close
to existing infrastructure and has enhanced the prospectivity of
surrounding Woodside acreage.
The Dhana Hlaing-1 exploration well in Block A-7 also intersected
gas in the primary target. The volume discovered is considered
non-commercial but provides indications of potential volumes
for Block A-7.
The results of the exploration wells prove the extension of
existing proven plays into new areas of the basin, and work is
ongoing to incorporate these learnings into future exploration
and appraisal drilling. Our 2019 activities are focused on moving
the discovered volumes in Blocks A-6 and AD-1 to development.
Woodside drilled two exploration wells oshore Gabon. The
Boudji-1 well in the Likuale (F14) Block intersected a 90 m gross
oil and gas column, and the Ivela-1 well in the Luna Muetse (E13)
Block intersected a 78 m gross oil column. While both wells
were determined to be non-commercial by Woodside due to
development costs associated with the water depths being over
2,600 m, their results proved a working hydrocarbon system
with both oil and gas potential.
The Rabat Deep-1 exploration well oshore Morocco was
completed in May 2018. Woodside considered the well to be
dry, but with minor oil indications. Consequently, the joint
venture agreed not to extend the Rabat Deep licence and it
was relinquished on 21 December 2018.
The Boca Satipo Este-1 exploration well was spudded in October
2018, targeting a large prospect with oil potential in Cretaceous
reservoirs. The well reached target depth in early February 2019.
Further analysis will determine the results and implications on
the prospectivity of the block.
An exploration well, targeting a large oil prospect, is planned
for Q2 2019 in Block 1-14 Khan Kubrat, oshore Bulgaria.
Myanmar Block A-6 potential development concept: tie-back to existing Yadana platform complex (not to scale)