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Enabling growth
Major turnarounds are planned in July 2019 for the
Goodwyn A platform (approximately 21 days) and LNG train 1
(approximately 19 days). An integrated turnaround campaign
is planned for September 2019, which will include LNG train 5
(approximately 19 days), fractionation (approximately 14 days),
North Rankin Complex (approximately 19 days) and North
Rankin train 2 (approximately 20 days).
A comprehensive maintenance program, with an aim of
extending the production capacity of KGP to support current
NWS reserves, began in 2013 and is now approximately 40%
complete. Future investment in the plant, including the ongoing
adoption of innovative technology, will be undertaken as
required to process gas from third-party resource owners.
Significant progress was made in the development of subsea
tie-back opportunities. The Greater Western Flank Phase 2
Project (GWF-2) commenced production in October 2018,
more than six months ahead of schedule. GWF-2 is designed
to produce at up to 800 MMscf/d (100% project).
Evaluation of incremental opportunities continues, and
the NWS Project has entered FEED on the $700 million
tie-backs of Lambert Deep and South Goodwyn to existing
oshore infrastructure. FID is expected in late 2019, with
the two developments expected to add an estimated
400 Bcf of production to the NWS Project from the early
2020s. Exploration of the Achernar gas prospect is planned
for Q2 2019.
In November 2018, the NWS Project referred a proposal to the
Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority and
the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy,
seeking approval for use of existing State onshore and oshore
infrastructure to enable long-term processing of third-party
gas at KGP in support of our Burrup Hub growth plans.
Woodside interest: 16.67%
1,000th CARGO
2,000th CARGO
3,000th CARGO
4,000th CARGO
The Northwest Swan, which delivered the 5,000th LNG cargo from the NWS Project