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Enabling growth
Investment continues in Pluto LNG to maintain high rates of
production into the future. Preparations are well advanced for
the facility’s first major turnaround, scheduled for Q2 2019.
The turnaround duration will be approximately 30 days and
include work required to maintain the facility’s high reliability
and performance, as well as support future project developments.
The PLA07 infill well achieved FID in 2018, targeting RFSU in
2019. FID was also taken on the Pluto water handling project
to mitigate the impact of potential future reservoir water
breakthrough. Key tie-ins will be implemented on the Pluto
platform during the 2019 turnaround, followed by the water
handling module lift in 2020 and RFSU of the module in 2021.
The development of the Pyxis and Pluto North infill wells, which
will be developed by a 25 km tieback to the Pluto platform,
entered FEED in January 2019. RFSU is targeted for 2021,
aligned with RFSU of the Pluto-NWS Interconnector (see
further information on page 41). The additional gas from
Pyxis and Pluto North will provide flexibility to optimise gas
production across the Burrup Hub facilities.
We successfully commissioned the Pluto pipeline gas facility
in December 2018, adding to Woodside’s domestic gas
supply portfolio.
The planned start-up of the Pluto LNG trucking facility in
Q1 2019 further demonstrates Woodside’s commitment to
supplying gas to the domestic market from the Pluto facility.
The Pluto LNG processing facilities are well matched to
Scarborough gas composition, which is lean, dry and contains
nitrogen. Building a second LNG train at Pluto LNG will
maximise the value of existing infrastructure and form a key
component of the Burrup Hub.
Woodside interest: 90%
4.3 4.7 4.9
Pluto LNG capacity (Mtpa)
Pluto LNG onshore processing facility