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Glossary, units of measure and conversion factors cont.
Units of measure
bbl barrel
bbl/d barrels per day
Bcf billion cubic feet
boe barrel of oil equivalent
CO-e carbon dioxide equivalent
kPa thousands of pascals
kt thousands of tonnes
mmscf million standard cubic feet
MMbbl million barrels
MMboe million barrels of oil equivalent
MMBtu million British thermal units
mmscf/d million standard cubic feet per day
MPa millions of Pascals
Mtpa millions of tonnes per annum
psi pounds per square inch
t tonnes
Tcf trillion cubic feet
TJ terajoules
Conversion factors
Product Factor Conversion factors
Pipeline natural gas 1 TJ 163.6 boe
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) 1 tonne 8.9055 boe
Condensate 1 bbl 1.000 boe
Oil 1 bbl 1.000 boe
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) 1 tonne 8.1876 boe
Natural gas 1 MMBtu 0.1724 boe
1. Minor changes to some conversion factors can occur over time due to gradual changes in
the process stream.