144 Woodside Petroleum Ltd|Annual Report 2018
Key announcements 2018
February Full-year 2017 results and briefing
Scarborough acquistion
A$2.5 billion equity raising
March Assumed Scarborough operatorship
May 2018 Investor Briefing Day
June Wheatstone train 2 commences
LNG production
August Half-year 2018 results and briefing pack
Long-term domestic gas supply to Perdaman
December SNE field development phase 1 commences
FEED activities
Pluto LNG Train 2 enters FEED
Unreasonable prejudice
As permitted by sections 299(3) and 299A(3) of the
Corporations Act 2001, we have omitted certain information
from this operating and financial review in relation to our
business strategy, future prospects and likely developments
in our operations and the expected results of those
operations in future financial years. We have done this on the
basis that such information, if disclosed, would be likely to
result in unreasonable prejudice to Woodside (for example,
because the information is premature, commercially
sensitive, confidential or could give a third party a
commercial advantage). The omitted information relates to
our internal budgets, forecasts and estimates, details of our
business strategy, and LNG contractual pricing.
Forward-looking statements
This report contains forward-looking statements, including
statements of current intention, statements of opinion and
expectations regarding Woodside’s present and future
operations, possible future events and future financial
prospects. Such statements are not statements of fact and
may be aected by a variety of known and unknown risks,
variables and changes in underlying assumptions or strategy
that could cause Woodside’s actual results or performance to
dier materially from the results or performance expressed
or implied by such statements. There can be no certainty of
outcome in relation to the matters to which the statements
relate, and the outcomes are not all within the control
of Woodside.
Further information on some important factors that could
cause actual results or performance to dier materially
from those projected in such statements is contained in the
'Risk' section on pages 60–62. Woodside makes no
representation, assurance or guarantee as to the accuracy
or likelihood of fulfilment of any forward-looking statement
or any outcomes expressed or implied in any forward-
looking statement. The forward-looking statements in this
report reflect expectations held at the date of this report.
Except as required by applicable law or the Australian
Securities Exchange (ASX) Listing Rules, Woodside
disclaims any obligation or undertaking to publicly update
any forward-looking statements, or discussion of future
financial prospects, whether as a result of new information
or of future events.
Events calendar 2019
Key calendar dates for Woodside shareholders in 2019.
Please note dates are subject to review.
February 14 Full year 2018 results
14 Annual Report 2018 released
22 Ex-dividend date for final dividend
25 Record date for final dividend
March 7 Sustainability Development Report
2018 released
20 Payment date for final dividend
April 18 First quarter 2019 results
30 Annual General Meeting Proxy returns
close at 2.00 pm (AWST)
May 2 Annual General Meeting
June 30 Half year end
July 18 Second quarter 2019 results
August 15 Half year 2019 results
October 17 Third quarter 2019 results
November 2019 Investor Briefing Day
December 31 Year-end 2019