Woodside Petroleum Ltd|Financial Statements 99
Financial statements
Consolidated income statement 100
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income 101
Consolidated statement of financial position 102
Consolidated statement of cash flows 103
Consolidated statement of changes in equity 104
Notes to the financial statements
About these statements 105
A. Earnings for the year 107
A.1 Segment revenue and expenses 108
A.2 Finance costs 110
A.3 Dividends paid and proposed 110
A.4 Earnings per share 110
A.5 Taxes 110
B. Production and growth assets 112
B.1 Segment production and growth assets 113
B.2 Exploration and evaluation 114
B.3 Oil and gas properties 115
B.4 Impairment of oil and gas properties 116
B.5 Significant production and growth asset acquisitions 116
C. Debt and capital 117
C.1 Cash and cash equivalents 118
C.2 Interest-bearing liabilities and financing facilities 118
C.3 Contributed equity 119
C.4 Other reserves 120
D. Other assets and liabilities 121
D.1 Receivables 122
D.2 Inventories 122
D.3 Payables 122
D.4 Provisions 123
D.5 Other financial assets and liabilities 124
D.6 Segment assets and liabilities 124
D.7 Non-current assets held for sale 125
E. Other items 126
E.1 Contingent liabilities and assets 127
E.2 Leases 127
E.3 Employee benefits 127
E.4 Related party transactions 129
E.5 Auditor remuneration 129
E.6 Events after the end of the reporting period 129
E.7 Joint arrangements 129
E.8 Parent entity information 130
E.9 Subsidiaries 131
E.10 Other accounting policies 133
Directors’ declaration 135
Independent audit report 136
Significant changes in the current reporting period
The financial performance and position of the Group were particularly aected by the following events and transactions during the
reporting period:
Wheatstone LNG Train 2 and Greater Western Flank Phase 2 commenced production. Refer to Note A.1 for the assets’ results for the period.
The Company completed an equity raising of 93,706,646 shares at a discounted price of A$27.00 per share. The net proceeds from the
equity raising were US$1,949 million. For more details, refer to Note A.4 and C.3.
The purchase of ExxonMobil’s interests in the Scarborough area assets on 29 March 2018, for a total purchase consideration of
US$444 million. For more details, refer to Note B.5.