8 Woodside Petroleum Ltd|Annual Report 2018
It is a privilege for me to report on what has been
a pivotal year for Woodside as we outlined growth
plans that shore up the future of your company.
Since announcing those plans in February, we have already
made good progress on delivering them, and our vision for the
Burrup Hub is starting to take shape.
Our focus is always on value for shareholders and this year we
have delivered strong returns, generating free cash flow of
$1,524 million and net profit after tax of $1,364 million. We will
pay an annual dividend of US 144 cents per share, an increase
of 47% on 2017.
At a time when so many of our institutions are confronting
a loss of public trust, companies like Woodside demonstrate
that big businesses are a vital part of the community. Our big
companies make a significant economic and social contribution,
underpinning employment and tax revenue.1
These companies produce the goods and services that our
community relies on, developing the resources that power our
economy and our households. The best of our big companies
engage in a meaningful way with those who live and work
alongside them, forming long-term relationships with groups
that sustain and enrich the life of a community.
I have long admired Woodside for its dedication to operational
excellence and for the significant contribution it makes to
the Australian economy and community. In all its activities,
Woodside is guided by a strong company culture that values
integrity and is founded on the commitment to doing the right
thing by our customers, our partners and our communities.
It is an honour to take on the role of Chairman at a time
when Woodside is progressing growth plans that will bring
considerable benefits to Australia. Our plans to make significant
investment in Australian natural gas projects will underpin jobs
and economic growth in our country while providing a reliable
energy source to local and global customers.
Our shareholders, who provide the equity capital for our
investments, will benefit as we prepare to produce extra LNG
right at a time when the world needs it.
In early 2018, we outlined our proposals to develop the
Scarborough and Browse resources through our existing
infrastructure on the Burrup Peninsula, while also progressing
Richard Goyder, AO
1. Woodside paid A$894 million (approximately US$668 million equivalent) in
tax and royalties in Australia in 2018 and A$4.9 billion over the past five years.